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Shenyang Hanking Precision Bearing  Co.,Ltd. was established.

August, 2013

Shenyang Hanking Precision Bearings  Co.,Ltd. construction completed. 

June, 2014

The first set of bearing production completed offline.

May, 2015

The company has passed ISO 9001:2015/GBT19001-2016 system certification.

July, 2017

 Shenyang Hanking Precision Bearing Co.,Ltd. formed a Joint Venture with the world-famous brand NKE Austria GmbH.

March, 2018

Wind energy bearing production and manufacturing offline.

October, 2019

Shenyang Hanking Precision Bearing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was rated as a high-tech enterprise.

February, 2020

Major key technology breakthrough and research project declaration. (Shenyang Hanking Precision Bearing Co.,Ltd. – Wind energy bearing industry chain)



Fushun Hanking Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was founded.

Fushun Hanking Jingjia Industrial Base was established, which included Jingjia Iron Mine and Jingjia Wood Co., Ltd.

Fushun Majuncheng Iron Mining Co., Ltd. was set up.

Hanking Group provided funds to restructure Maogong Iron Mine, and established Fushun Hanking Maogong Iron Mining Co., Ltd.

Hanking Group succeeded in restructuring Aoniu Iron Mine, the largest iron mining in Fushun, and established Fushun Hanking Aoniu Iron Mining Co., Ltd.

Hanking Group succeeded in restructuring the Fushun Department Store and renamed it to Hanking Department Store.


Hanking Group set up the Benxi Mengjiabao Iron Mine and established the Benxi Hanking Mining Co., Ltd.

Hanking Group succeeded in restructuring the Shenyang North Trading Tower and established the Shenyang Hanking Department Store 01 Shopping Mall.

Hanking Group purchased the stock rights and became the original shareholder of “Guangcai 49 Holding Co., Ltd.”

Hanking Group purchased the Shenyang Shengtai Property Management Co., Ltd. 

Hanking Group purchased the stock rights of the Xingzhou Mine in the Dongzhou District.

Hanking Mining Co., Ltd. purchased the stock controlling rights of the laterite-nickel ore project in North Konawe County, Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.

Shenyang Hanking bearing was established in the Shenyang Economic and Technical Development Zone.

Hanking International Nickel Corporation (Yingkou) Ltd. was founded.

Hanking Microelectronics Sensor Industrial Park was launched in Shenfu New Town of the Fushun Development Zone.

China Hanking Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 03788) was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Hanking Group celebrated its 20th anniversary.



Hanking Mining purchased Australia South Cross Gold Mining which belongs to St.Barbara Mining company, located at West Australia Yilgarn district.

Chinese President Xi visited Indonesia and witnessed the signing ceremony with FuYu plaza.

Hanking LZK public listed at New Third Board.

Hanking LZK successfully developed same section dimension thin section bearing.

Hanking Precision Bearing built further cooperation with NKE Austria and entered European market.

Hanking Australia invested Corazon Mining.



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