Shield machine bearing

Shield machine bearing

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Wind power bearing

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Metallurgical Bearing

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Mine heavy

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Mining Industry


· Mining and Heavy Industry

The bearing used in the field of vibration has a bad working condition, is affected by eccentric force, has a large impact load, and is prone to high temperature burning and collision damage.

Hanking bearing special research and design of the bearing structure:

1、For spherical roller bearing used for vibrating screen, CC hardened steel cage shall be used to replace the common brass cage in China to reduce friction and heat generation during running; special coating shall be used to increase the wear resistance of the cage; the ferrule material and quenching shall be different from the bearing steel to improve the impact resistance.

2、For pavement roller and other mechanical vibration bearings, the integrated cage  is adopted to apply to the impact from various working occasions, and the reasonable selection of clearance ensures the maximum working life of the bearing.


We provide high-quality bearings of full-size vibration series of engineering vibration such as vibrating screen and pavement roller to meet the use of various working conditions of customers



· Application from Mining and Heavy Industry





Pinion shaft

Bevel gear

Spider gears

Planetary reductions

Articulation hitches


· Mining Machinery

>200 mm single row tapered roller bearing

double rows tapered roller bearing

Anti-rotation groove TSK bearing

Cylindrical roller bearing

Spherical roller bearing

Bearing unit





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