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R & D technology
Strong R & D team
R & D team: composed of P1 bearing technical teams from the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom and several major bearing companies with rich experience.
High end R & D capability
Product design is supported by the latest and most advanced design concepts and calculation standards
Rigorous and accurate R & D process


application data acquisition


application analysis design analysis and optimization revalidation idealized design
Product design advantages
1.Depending real condition, the same main geometry as those of SKF, Timken and FAG bearings can be offered.
The main parameters such as rolling element dimension, quantity and bearing pitch circle are basically consistent with those of SKF, Timken and FAG. During theoretical calculation stage, the basic rated load (Cr and c0r) and ultimate speed and service life of our bearings are consistent with those of SKF, Timken and FAG.
At the same time, we also optimize the main parameters of bearing according to the application conditions. More effective and reasonable design of the size of the rolling element, the effective wall thickness of the ring, reach more perfect balance between bearing load capacity and material strength.
2.Micro modification of working surface: in order to achieve ideal contact between rolling element and the raceway and release the edge stress caused by high load to rolling element, our company designs rolling element with convex modification of logarithmic curve according to internal calculation method of Hanking.
Process analysis:
Logarithm - corresponding to the direction of roller generatrix, from low to high and then down, stable and uniform distribution without sharp points and protrusions. 
Arc---basically follows the expectation of stress change, with steep stress change and sharp point.
Linear type - the stress changes steeply, the edge stress is concentrated, and the distribution of contact spot is seriously misplaced. 
3.CAE method is used to simulate running state of the bearing, calculate the contact deformation, contact stress, oil film thickness, lubrication and other indicators, and then determine the reliability of main parameters of the bearing in the theoretical stage, which is foundation for the rationality of bearing design.

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