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                                                                         Quality is more than making a good product!

· Constant temperature and humidity metrology room

The bearing manufacturing requires high processing accuracy requirements in the mechanical manufacturing industry. The metal materials used have characteristics of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage. The processing accuracy is greatly affected by the temperature change. The error caused by the temperature influence in the measurement is called temperature error. For the whole measurement system, also called the system error, is an important factor in the length measurement. The constant temperature and humidity metrology room adopts the HAIRF constant temperature and humidity machine. The temperature is controlled at 20 ℃± 1 ℃, and the humidity is controlled at 40% - 50%. The impact of the ambient temperature on the measurement results is minimized, so that is effective assurance for Hanking precision bearing becomes a world-class product.


· Advanced metrology instruments

The TRIMOS HPD1500s length measuring machine produced in Switzerland is for length measurement.
The profile shape will use SURFCOM 1910SD3-24 roughness profilometer produced by Tokyo precision and VMA4030 video measuring instrument produced by Suzhou Tianzhun precision instrument.
The cylindricity measurement will use TALYROND565 cylindricity meter produced by the British Taylor company.
In the future, large-size components will be measured by Zeiss three coordinates system.


Horizontal Measuring Instrument  Switzerland TRMOS


Roughness meter Tokyo SEIMITSU


Coordinates Measuring Machine


Roundness meter  Taylor UK Germany Zeiss microscopes  


· Outsourced components quality control

Bearing steel come from steel mills recognized by international brands such as Timken, SKF and Schaeffler, for example: SKF3, 100Cr6, 52100, etc.Suppliers of forging, turning and cage come from suppliers recognized by international brands such as Dalian Formas, Hongyang forging, Harsha cage, Liaocheng GEB cage etc.
· Sign quality assurance agreement with suppliers. 
· Regular supplier audit
· Assign on-site quality control engineer if necessary
· Advanced incoming inspection means and C0 sampling plan
· Standardized operation of internal control
· The tolerance and accuracy requirements are strict to ensure that the PPM value is below 60. 
· Product quality information traceability.


· Self-made process control

Operator self-inspection and self-control, through self-inspection and self-control, the whole staff can participate and achieve the following purposes:
· Make the production staff fully understand the product control scope.
· Make the production staff respond immediately to the abnormality.
· Make the production staff fully understand the current product quality situation.
· It enables the production staff to make improvement proposals according to the current situation.


· Our company quality policy

Continuous innovation and improvement, to provide customers with world-class products and value services.


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